World Economic Forum in Davos

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World Economic Forum in Davos

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The Future of Mobile Technology
The convergence of communication, GPS technology and payment systems in one device, the mobile phone, is dramatically reshaping the consumer landscape. How will this convergence of services and technologies affect advertising, content delivery and access to consumer data in markets around the world?

Virtual Worlds – Fiction or Reality?
Second Life is one of the new ways of extending life to the virtual space, for example, allowing us to attend Wimbledon while standing next to one of the players or living out our social desires anonymously without restraints or risk of sanctions. More and more people are turning to virtual reality to establish who they are, what they know, who they interact with and how. This will influence how society is structured in the future and how real or fictive this virtual world will be.

The Power of Collaborative Innovation
Industries are discovering that much of their future growth depends on the ability to collaborate with different actors to build public-private partnerships, galvanize multiple stakeholders and work with fast-growing competitors. What is the framework for the modern MNC to evaluate and initiate alliances and partnerships across multiple countries, interests and sectors worldwide?

Future Shifts: The Voice of the Next Generation
The combined forces of globalization and technology have changed aspects of societies across the world in a relatively short period of time. With six teenagers from around the globe, selected through the British Council’s global network, this session will discuss what influences are shaping this generation’s views and concerns.

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