Trends to watch

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Trends to watch

  • Advertisers will turn to 'measurability' and 'differentiation' in the recession
  • Search will not be immune to the impact of the economy
  • Social Influence Marketing will go mainstream
  • Online ad networks will contract; open ad exchanges will expand
  • This year, mobile will get smarter
  • Research and measurement will enter the digital age
  • 'Portable' and 'beyond-the-browser' opportunities will create new touchpoints for brands and content owners
  • Going digital will help TV modernize

Trends in Social Influence Marketing:

  • Social media usage will result in more influence
  • The focus will shift to influencers
  • Top-down branding will experience growing impotence
  • Social advertising will grow up (app-vertising, hypertargeting and engagement ads)
  • The portable social graph will fuel marketing innovation
  • Not just friends, but friendsters, will start to matter
  • Social influence research will become more important than social measurement
  • Marketers will organize around Social Influence Marketing
  • The intranet will join the Web
  • Your CEO will join Facebook

Top 10 Mobile Applications to Watch:

  • Shop Savvy / Retail / Android G1
  • Wikitude Augmented Reality Travel Guide / Hospitality / Android G1
  • Mint / Financial Services / iPhone
  • WebMD Mobile / Pharmaceuticals / iPhone
  • Audi A4 / Auto & Gaming / iPhone
  • nuTsie / Music / BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Devices, Alltel Devices
  • vSNAX / Video / iPhone
  • iStanford / Social Media / iPhone
  • Cooliris / Search / iPhone
  • ShapeWriter / Productivity / iPhone

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