Innovation Best Practices

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Innovation Best Practices

Glen Mohr, principal of The Otter Group, recently posted some of his thoughts on innovation best practices in his firm's weblog. Based on listening to presentations by large companies at the recent Conference Board Conference on Growth and Innovation, Glen has isolated this set of best practices that are essential to encouraging and managing corporate innovation:
  • Visible sponsorship by senior executives,
  • Diversity within teams and across the initiative,
  • Cross-business participation,
  • Latitude granted to the innovators and acceptance of the risks of potential failure,
  • Provision of adequate time and resources to support the innovation initiative, and
  • Idea sharing.
This post also includes several quotes from other presenters at the Conference Board session, as well as a link to Glen's presentation.

Asking customers for feedback is good, but observing them is often much more productive. If you want to gain a march on the competition and design the products and services of the future, watch your customers carefully. Look for the areas of unexpected use, the headaches and problems that are begging to be solved or the unusual combinations of needs or uses. They can give you the insights you need to generate successful innovations in products, services and processes.

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