Hoe meet je het succes van customer evangelism?

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Hoe meet je het succes van customer evangelism?

Door i-wisdom werd ik vandaag gewezen op een interessant artikel uit 2002 over Measuring Customer Evangelism:

To create metrics of success, first establish your current benchmarks:

– Number of current customers
– Customer retention rate (%)
– Revenue from repeat purchases of current customers

Measure these goals quarterly or annually. They are your big-picture organizational goals. For purposes of answering the initial question, here are some ideas to measure success among the six tenets of customer evangelism on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis:

1. Customer Plus-Delta (Continuously gather customer feedback).

– How many ideas for new products and services were gathered?
– How much revenue was generated by the new products and services?
– How many previously unknown problems were fixed based on customer feedback?
– How did the suggestions improve product quality?
– Did the suggestions help save money? If so, how much?

2. Napsterize Your Knowledge (Share your knowledge freely).

– In how many places on the Internet is your company’s expertise mentioned?
– In how many places online are your white papers posted?
– How many articles did you publish or have published?
– What is the referral or pass-along rate of your free email newsletter?

3. Build The Buzz (Expertly tap into word-of-mouth networks).

– How did new and prospective customers say they discovered you? Ask for the specific place, press mention, or person.
If it was a personal referral, what did the referrer say?
– Analyze traffic to your web site. Which organizations visit the most?
– What types of organizations are they?
– Are they the ones you want visiting?
– What part of the world are they from?
– Which parts of the site do they visit most?
– How are people discovering your site? (Most web site traffic analysis tools can measure search terms entered into search engines that drove visitors to your site.)

4. Create Community (Encourage your customers to meet and share information).

– How many customers are on your email list?
– How is your subscriber rate trending: increasing, decreasing, or flat?
– How many customer events have you held? How many guests did customers bring? How many of those guests became customers?

5. Make Bite-Size Chunks (Devise specialized, smaller offerings to get customers to bite).

– How many different product or service offerings make up your portfolio?
– How many of those offerings have you divided into sample offerings?
– How many prospects have sampled your product or service?
– How many prospects turned into customers?
– What’s the referral rate of people who sampled your offering and told others?

6. Create A Cause (Focus on making the world, or an industry, better).

– How many people contact you because they believe in your cause?
– How many of them became customers?
– How many customers say they purchase from you exclusively because of what you stand for?
– How many people send you resumes asking to work in your organization because they believe in what you do or what you stand for?

Zal deze week eens kijken hoe ik dit kan vertalen naar het van stranger naar evangelist-model.

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