Euro RSCG Magnet Forms Alt-Ad Unit

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Euro RSCG Magnet Forms Alt-Ad Unit

Euro RSCG Magnet said it has formed a new unit to deal with nontraditional media such as blogs, street theater and buzz marketing. The PopWorx division will partner with specialized agencies for clients. It has struck its first such deal with Night Agency, a New York-based viral and guerilla marketing firm.

Marvin Mack and Jason Schlossberg, who are both senior vice presidents at Euro RSCG Magnet, will head the group. It plans to launch projects for Atkins Nutritionals next month.

Euro RSCG is the latest public relations firm to dip its toes in the new world of consumer-generated media. CooperKatz, MMW Group and Ketchum PR offer blog-related services, and start-ups like New Media Strategies have blog-influencing services. Web agencies like Aegis Group’s Carat Interactive (tegenwoordig Carat Fusion) and independent Ripple Effects have also formed units to help clients deal with the explosion of blogs and other social media.


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