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China Documentaires

[b]Facts & figures[/b]

China Online Search vs. MMO Game Market

The 2007 China Massively Multiplayer Online [MMO] game market size is about four (4) times as big as the China online search market. The 2007 China online search market is about $0.4 billion (=275 miljoen euro) in size, of which Baidu (BIDU) has about 61% market share, Google (GOOG) has about 24%, and Yahoo! (YHOO) has about 10%. The 2007 China MMO game market is about $1.6 billion (=1,1 miljard euro), of which Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA), Netease (NTES), Giant Interactive Group (GA) and The9 Limited (NCTY) collectively have about 61% of market share.

Total overseas sales revenue of Chinese online games reached $55 million in 2007, surging 175 percent year-on-year, according to a report jointly released today by the game department of the Publisher’s Association of China and market research firm IDC., a leading Internet services provider in China and a Hong Kong listed subsidiary of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: China), announced today it has signed an advertising contract with Giant Interactive Group Inc. (NYSE: GA), one of the leading online games developers and operators in China.

B2C (business to customer) online sales in the China market will keep growing fast, with the total sales transaction value projected to be 13.573 billion yuan (=1,3 miljard euro) for 2011, according to China-based consulting company Analysys International.

MMOGs make up 85 pct of China’s online game revenues in Q3

Unit sales of smartphones in the China market were up 5.2% sequentially to total 6.39 million units in the third quarter of this year, whereas in terms of value, the amount was up 11.3% on quarter to reach 16.61 billion yuan (US$2.24 billion) during the same period, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report citing data from China-based CCID Consulting.

China’s Online Advertising Market Will Surpass 10 Billion Yuan (=960 miljoen euro)

Why Is China’s Online Advertising Space So Small?

Online grows faster than TV in China

Online shopping nearly doubled in China in 2007
Online shopping in China topped 59.4 billion yuan (8.2 billion dollars) last year, state media reported Tuesday, up more than 90 percent from a year ago.

Fifty-five million of China’s 210 million Internet users shopped online last year, the Xinhua news agency said, citing a report by China Internet Research Centre and, the nation’s largest online shopping portal.

In 2006, 43.1 million Chinese used the Internet for shopping, with the value of transactions standing at 31.2 billion yuan, according to an earlier report by China Internet Research Centre.

The report released this year forecast online sales, which now account for less than one percent of China’s total retail sales, would make up five to eight percent of total retail sales by 2012.
China’s phone subscribers, mobile and fixed line combined, are expected to grow by more than 60 million in 2008 to hit a total of 976 million, according to the Ministry of Information Industry.

Chinese travel market to record 21.6 mn outbound tourists

Number of Internet users in China hits 210 million

China has 47 million bloggers and 72.82 million blogs, though only 28.75 million blogs are active

China’s Internet consumption hit 398.8 billion yuan (53.89 billion U.S. dollars) last year and is expected to reach 581.5 billion yuan in 2008, up 45.8 percent, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

The market scale of financial web sites, fueled by bullish trends in China’s stock market, reached 920 million yuan, and online search engines saw 82.8 percent growth to 2.87 billion yuan in 2007, said the survey.

The Netguide 2008 shows that among Internet users, browsing daily news takes up 38.8 percent of their time, followed by dealing with e-mail, 11 percent, and writing and reading blogs, 9.2 percent.

Importance of BBS for Chinese Internet Users

According to a report produced by iResearch Consulting Group in 2007, In China around 36.3% users spend 1-3 hours on BBS, about 44.7% users spend 3-8 hours and even 15.1% users are on BBS for more than 8 hours a day. Over 60% of users will login at least 3 BBS more than 3 times each every week.

Chinese advertentiemarkt

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