Business rules van civiele journalistiek

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Business rules van civiele journalistiek

Wat zijn de do's en dont's van lokale nieuwssites? Pegasus News geeft een aantal business rules of wedia (we the media). De meest relevante:
  • Provide the same or better quality, regularity and consistency as a traditional news business.
  • Put citizen journalists and professional journalists in the same environment, playing by the same rules, and with the same level of respect. The only differentiator should be that the one is performing journalism as a career; the other as an interest. And that one differentiator should be transparent, but not distracting.
  • Make it easier for the customer to find both what they're looking for and also for those serendipitous discoveries that unexpectedly draw them closer to their community.
  • Realize that the customer, not the editor, decides what is news to them. Report on a big sale (that is really a big sale, and not a marketing ploy) with the same level of care as a triple homicide or mayoral election.
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